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Hi, I'm Chasity!

As a native of Indian Lake, Ohio, I have always had a passion for healthcare. This passion led me to the beauty industry, where I firmly believe that skincare is a form of healthcare and am dedicated to helping my clients achieve their best skin. As the owner of STRIP. and a licensed aesthetician, as well as Central Ohio’s only DMK MD and para-medical certified skin revision therapist, I specialize in personalized plans to address any skin concern. And when it comes to waxing services, let me tell you, I make it as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. In fact, you’ll be laughing so hard during your appointment, you’ll almost forget you’re having hair ripped out of your body! Ok, maybe you won’t forget, but we will be friends by the end of the service! My goal is to help every woman, no matter their size or shape, to feel beautiful and confident in their own skin. I am always expanding my skills by continually educating myself to bring only treatments and products that are proven and backed by not only science but results.

I take pride in helping my clients boost their self-expression and confidence. As a woman of faith, my belief in the power of positivity, love and compassion is deeply ingrained in my work as an aesthetician, I strive to show the love of God in every aspect of my work and to provide a space for my clients to feel uplifted, valued and cared for. I believe that every individual is unique and special, and it is my job to help my clients to feel beautiful and confident in their own skin. I believe that every woman deserves to feel pampered and beautiful, and I’m here to make that happen with one skincare cocktail at a time. In my free time, I am a wife, a mother, and a cat mom, I enjoy listening to podcasts, hunting, and traveling. But let’s be real, I’m really just using that hunting bow to sharpen my skills for when I need to take down any rogue hair follicles.


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